Mahavastu is a modern version of the ancient traditional Vastu Shastra.

Vastu Shastra as we all know is about firstly directions , Elements of creation and activities performed in a particular direction.

After more than20 years of research ,this concept was founded and put forth to the world by the Founder VastuShastri Dr. Khushdeep Bansal.

His research gave him results which proved to be very scientific and logical ,as in every similar type of case study ,the same results were achieved.

In Mahavastu , the whole liveable space is diagnosed on the basis of zones in different directions and which have defined aspects of one’s life in that particular direction and that too ,Angular directions. It is an evalution of the cycle of elements ,the different activities being carried out and giving remedial solutions without reconstruction and remodelling.

In Mahavastu, after deciding on your goals/desires or issues/problems that require some solution, there are these four steps of Mahavastu that are applied which involves balancing of the required space, by balancing the elemental imbalance if any, relocation of activities if required (without any remodelling or renovation) and then placing of appropriate Mahavastu Remedies, known as Space Programming, carefully decided after proper evaluation (preferred way is by referring the evaluation process to an Certified Mahavastu Expert).These Remedies then in a span of 3 to 45 days gives you your desired result, thereby itself bringing one's sub-conscious Mind to higher Vibrational level closer to that of the Source Energy which is known to be vibrating at 432 cycles per second. Expedite the power of the Mahavastu remedies and get desired results, using perfect techniques in a structured manner.

The steps of Programming

What do we mean by the word ‘Programming’.

There are two major distinctions of the Human Mind. The ‘Conscious Mind’ or the Universal Mind and ‘The Sub-conscious Mind’ or the Inner Mind.

The Conscious mind is one which is like the ‘Monitor’ of a computer , it only shows the end result or the outcome of a process run by a programme installed from birth ,that is in our inner-conscious mind.

This inner-conscious mind is ‘programmable’.

It follows a set of instructions entered into it creating a database since birth. This is the ‘Processor’ of the human system.

All that you need to do is ‘Format’ our inner-conscious mind .Reinstall the changed paradigms and ‘Reboot’ the system. That’s it! You have now ‘Programmed’ yourself to take your life to the next level.

Balance your Space

Balancing of Space is an activity that has the ability to correct the disturbances causing discomfort in one's life.

Now ,what does that mean to a layman?

By this, is meant,that any space ,maybe your home,office,industry ,just any liveable space has different forces working on it , these forces are what are known as 'The Earth Energies'.

There are in all ,it is said, 1024 types of earth energies in existence. However, only 45 of them control all the aspects of human life. These energies start developing in a liveable space right from the time it's construction commences. (The detailed explanation can be obtained on

Once the space is ready, these 45energies have taken their position exactly in the manner it is from the micro to the macro, that is, it is present in every particle on this universe in exactly the same manner.

This space which is the liveable space, is known to control the Inner Mind or Inner conscious or the Sub-conscious mind.

The space outside of this liveable space, controls the Outer mind or the outer conscious or the Conscious Mind.

Your sub-conscious mind , when in the lower brain frequency level between 14c/s and 7 c/s absorbs the vibrations from the surrounding environment, such as placements of objects, images, paintings, colours , symbols which bring about subtle changes and accelerates manifestation. However, it is very essential here that the space ,which is the livable space ,should have the five Elements of nature from which all creation started in a balanced state, otherwise with anti-activity, anti-colour, the effects on the vibrations of the images and symbols will not be in sync with the vibration of the universe and manifestation will not in effect take place.

So, Mahavastu takes you to a journey through the mysteries of the Universe and Create Miracles every Moment of your Life.