In today’s world of stress that we live in, issues of Money, Relationship, Health and Career, to name a few, have taken over the human mind and all of us seem to be following the cat-race. We  have got totally Disoriented and Disconnected from the life that the Universe wants us to live. The purpose for which we have been created is to represent the creator of this universe . 

What we need to do ,is find out a way by empowering oneself with number of profound techniques shared and taught by various experts and leaders in the field . 

The basic of them all is to develop a state of mind that would change one's paradigm to go into the next level of life.

We must learn, practise and become an expert in controlling our mind ,especially the one that 'plays' the most, Our Sub-Conscious or now known as Inner-Conscious MInd. 

By this we develop our skills to take control of our sensing faculties and dwell deep into the universe to identify  any problems that get created in the universe and correct them to bring back the universal energy and vibrations into alignment, as in the original blueprint of the Supreme Energy or The Higher Intelligence.

This process is the process  of evolution. By doing so,we are paving our way into the next level of Evolution ,i.e. "THE SECOND STAGE OF HUMAN EVOLUTION" 

In order to teach more and more people to take control of their lives by using the MIND –BRAIN-BODY method and to take oneself to the next level inLife,by using  concepts to bring about fruitful desires so that many people benefit in the upliftment of Mankind, a basic knowledge of various proven methods and techniques are brought together to experience life’s wonderful moments and miracles that take place in one’s life.

So  ‘Splash’ into those ‘ AAH HA’ moments , and go to the next level , indulge yourself into this ‘SPA’ of JOY.

The space that gets  created within you will be very Sacred and Special.
The whole space will bring about a Joyous feel and give out very Positive and Peaceful vibrations with a Healing Effect. 



About Sunil Chhaya

Sunil Chhaya, is a qualified Electrical Engineer, a Chartered Engineer and a Fellow of the Institution of Valuers (Plant and Machinery) and had seved Air India Ltd. for a little above three decades, retiring as a General Manager.

He has Certified himself as a Trainer of Law of Attraction and an Expert in the field of scientifically analysing and suggesting fruitful remedies based on a very ancient Indian science, which is now known as MahaVastu.

He has also Certified himself as a Trainer for “Jose Silva’s UltraMind ESP System and a Certified Practioner for a very Unique Hawaiin Healing Method “The Basic and theAdvanced Ho’oponopono Method”.

 He is now a Certified Proctor Gallagher Institute and a Facilitator of the program called "Thinking Into Results"

Apart from above ,Sunil is a  Practioner for 'Emotional Freedom Technique – Level I’ .