The Law of Attraction (LOA)

This is one of the Primordial law of the Universe. What do you understand by the Law of Attraction? Simply put:-
(a) Thoughts Become Things.
(b) That which you Focus upon Grows
(c) Like Attracts Like.

So ,what is " Thoughts Become Things"

Do you know how everything around us including everything here is built by dreamers. Everything before inception has been somebody’s passion. Whether its a table, chair, projector or even a car, everything started with a thought initially. The painter Van Gogh had said that “ I first deam my painting and the Paint my Dream” What you put your Attention on , grows stronger in Life!

When we decide to buy a car, we see the same car with the same colour everywhere. LOA in action.

There is one very interesting experiment of starting to believe in this.

Hold the thumbs of both hands and bring it at eye level at arm’s length. Keep in mind the difference in their lengths. Bring one of your hands behind your back, concentrate and verbally or mentally say GROW! GROW! GROW! Now bring back the other hand and observe the difference. It will be seen that the difference has increased, that is, the uttering of the word GROW has actually made the thumb to grow. Believable or Unbelievable. Try it out ,it will interest you. Like Attracts Like:-

Everything in this universe is available in groups. Because similar things attract each other. Coal is available only in coal mines, grass is only available in grasslands, sand dunes only in deserts and water from around the world tries to travel and merge into the ocean.

"Birds of a feather flock together", how all the studious students make their own group right on the first day of the school.

We attract whatever is there in our minds, whether its something we want or something we do not want.

Just close your eyes and do not think of a black monkey. You will all end up thinking only about the black monkey.

Universe works exactly in this way, when we think of what we do not want, we get what we do not want in life.

Like for example ,if you want to buy a car but are not sure of which car to buy. But if you are thinking of which car you do not want to buy instead, you might end up buying the same Think of only those things you want in your life. Things you do not like, just don’t think about them.

Whether you are aware of these governing laws or not, they are universally applicable. Just like the Law of Gravity , if you fall off a bldg., it does not matter ,whether you are a good person or a bad person, you are going to hit the ground. In the same way, LOA is applicable in our lives whether we know about it or not and whether we believe in it or not. What we think/feel we are bound to attract into our lives.

So when you want to attract a certain thing in life ,don't just think about it, FEEL it and Feel it with Passion.

Nothing is impossible for LOA. Whatever you dare to think, you can achieve. How far we can go, is only limited to our thoughts.

LOA is not at all a new concept. All these people and more were aware about this law and have used it in their lives in one way or the other . This is proved from the works they did as the world knows of even today.

‘’ Music is a Moral Law, It gives Soul to the Universe, Wings to the Mind, Flight to Imagination and Charm and Gaiety to Life and to Everything.’’

Plato- The Physicsts

A direct Monastic disciple of Ramkrishna Paramhans. He introduced Kriya Yoga to millions of Westerners.


Nobel prize winner in Physics, Theory of Relativity. Said ‘Thank-You’ at every step he walked.

Albert Einstein

Wrote the all time best seller-‘Think and Grow Rich.’ Sold 20 million copies. ‘’What a Mind can Conceive and Believe, it can Achieve.’’

Napolean Hill

Motivational Speaker and Author. ‘’Happiness doesn’t depend on any existing conditions, it is Governed by our Mental Attitude.’’

Dale Carnegie

Who said these 'attracting' words:- " Everyday in everyway I am feeling Better ,Better and Better."

Emile Coue

Try and say these yourselves ,you will be surprised to see how your body starts responding positively to these words. They have tremendous power.

The Law of Delibrate Creation :-

The second Essential Universal Law is the Law of Deliberate Creation,”-- and this is where the fun begins. You can use the Universe as a catalogue, just flip through the pages and you ask for an experience ,a soulmate , a good relationship. with feeling and that great desire and you Get It..It's that easy, and once you have learned the art and skill of 'asking' the universe , you will realize the ease at which you can create your own miracles in life” – Dr. Joe Vitale (The Secret), that is to say co-create your life. The Law of Deliberate Creation states,

“That which a thought is given to, you begin to attract. What you give thought to with emotion and feelings, you attract more quickly. That which you think about most of the time, you receive.”

When you give thought to something you desire with an expectation, belief and emotion in it, you are then ready to receive it.

Whatever energy/ vibrations we create(thoughts, feelings, etc.) we receive the same back. The Law of Deliberate Creation is to offer a required vibration knowingly, so that nothing comes into your reality by default. Most of the time, you send out vibrations unknowingly. For example, if you are experiencing something that makes you happy, you are raising your vibration and you will then vibrate happiness. And, if you experience a event that makes you angry or upset, you offer the same negative vibration. The Law of Attraction responds to whatever it is you are vibrating by giving you more of the same and that is why we say Law of Attraction is like a Boomerang.

When the application of the of Law of Deliberate Creation is not there, you are an observer and you create your reality by default. If you focus on your current “reality” whether positive or negative, the Law of Attraction responds to that vibration and you get more of the same. Negative circumstances like, fear, worry, doubt, debt etc. the Law of Attraction responds to that negative, feeling and the resultant creation that the Law of Attraction brings about is more of that negative feeling .Deliberately start focusing on what you do want and send out vibrations that are positive, you are then effectively making use of the Law of Deliberate Creation.

Make an Intention for the day and start creating your future.

The Mind Body - The mind also is a body. The mind operates on different frequencies.

A normal person’s mind is working at a frequency between 20 and 14 c/s (cycles per second ) known as the Beta level- The Conscious Mind.
You do all your normal activities , of life in this level of mind. Anything above these frequencies lead to hyper sensitivity and mental disorders.

A person able to bring down his brain frequency between 14 c/s and 7 c/s , by meditation exercises or any other methods , is said to be in the Alpha level-The Sub-conscious or the Inner Conscious Mind.

When you are in the Alpha level, you are able to ‘CENTRE’ yourself, that is practice to be at 10 c/s. This is the perfect point at which you get connected to your Higher Intelligence and get information in the form of Inspiration. This comes into the Right side of your brain hemisphere, which is the Spiritual, the Intuitive part of the brain. This flow of information then goes to the Left side of your brain which we need to give command to the body for taking the Inspired action, without using the logical or the analytical capabilities of this left side of the brain.

The level deeper than the sub-conscious mind is the Deep Sub-Conscious mind , operating at a frequency between 7 c/s and 4 c/s known as the Theta level. This where the Healing energy is activated and you Immune System is strengthened.

The level known as the Delta level, is a frequency between 4 c/s and 0 c/s (so to say). In this and beyond the person achieves ‘Absolute Bliss’.

At the Conscious level, we have Ordinary Intution and enjoy Sexual Escatasy.

At the Sub-Conscious level, we bring about life changing Solutions ( 6.86 cycles per second) and develop Creativity.

At the Deep Sub-Conscious level (around 5.6 cycles per second) we have the ability of Healing ourselves as well as others. and we also experience Peak Performance.

At this level we can change the programme chip installed by nature within you.The planets and the other celestial bodies cannot affect your life.

At the Super Conscious level we become Co-Creators and are in a vibration of Manifesting anything from nothing- just the five elements of nature from which all existence started.

The Law of Gratitude:-

Be grateful for what you already have in your life right now. Focus on the good that is already in your life. It’s easy to think about what you don’t have, but spend some time each day, thinking about what you do have. Start each day by thinking about 5 things that you are grateful for. When you think of each thing, really FEEL the gratitude inside your body. Everything is energy and when you really use your energy in your body, it is reflected outside of you. When you show the Universe that you are already grateful and can appreciate all that it has already given you, it will give you more. Think of the examples I gave about giving a gift to a child. If you were the Universe would you give more to you? Have gratitude for what you already have, and the Universe will deliver you more.
So what do you understand by the word Gratitude.

Keeping ourselves in touch with the Universe , GOD or whatever name we call this Source energy is 'Gratitude'.

Bringing oneself closer to the Universal vibrational level is by Gratitude.

The state of feeling in Unison with nature , you vibrating at the same frequency that the Universe is vibrating at.

As you express gratitude, it spirals back to you... expanded into multiple forms Gratitude is the fairest blossom which springs from the soul. -

Henry Ward Beecher

An attitude of gratitude brings great things.

Yogi Bhajan

When you wake up in the morning and simply say these few words

" I am thankful to the Universe for all the Abundance in life,

God bless all.
Thank-You Universe."