We the Healers

on 14 Sep 2018

What is shown here is a Chart developed by Jose Silva of LaredoTexas,showing the different states of mind from the Spiritual to the Physical.That is in terms of brain frequency,measured with an EEG machine.The brain frequency progresses from almost Zero to 20 cycles per second for a normal human brain. Anything above is considered abnormal until it reaches such a high frequency almost 45 cycles per second,when that person needs to be deposited in a mental hospital/asylum.

It is said that when we are conceived, the part of the Universal energy that kindled life ,we were at almost Zero frequency that is in the delta range of 0 to 4 cycles per second.By this time we have reached the age of 4 years and as we grow our frequency also increases  till it reaches 7cycles per second,that is in the Theta range of 4 to 7 cycles per second.This completes the Firrst Anabolic cycle, the cycle of growth.The second Anabolic cycle is nothing but the wonderful Alpha frequency of 7 to 14 cycles per second.This is the time when we turn into adults crossing our age of adolescence. In the midlle of this range we are  one time at 10 cycles per second,which is also known as the CENTRE. At this juncture we  are able to connect the Spiritual side ,the Right brain hemisphere to the Physical side ,the Left brain hemisphere.Making use of this phenomena, we can do wonders in our  life and help in the uplifting of mankind,

Beyond Alpha is a normal human being working in Beta range of 14 to 21 cycles per second.

It is in the Theta level ,somewhere between 5.5 and 6 cycles per second that we are strengthening our Immune system and also activating the healing energy already existing within us .This energy can not only heal one own self but also others ,by remaining constantly at that frequency.( The state of a Yogi).This is possible even  when you are at the Center, you can project yourself in any part of this vast universe,ofcourse after learning and practising under a certified mentor.We can use the projection technique to even Heal others,  This is termed as ESP, what you have immediately got into your mind,it actually is    termed as "Effective Sensory Projection"a term coined by Jose Silva after almost 55 years of intense research.

 So learn and practise this technique and help mankind to be Perfectly fit and healthy in Body and Mind.

 So you, Be The Healer !!!