Mirror Yourself

on 27 Sep 2018

Ok, let's take a look at what is meant by this title.

What does the Mirror do, it  reflects, reflects not only what  is in front of it but also the Energy ,the charge around it.So, we need to do the same, by this I mean is, stand in front of a mirror , see your thoughts,the emotions and the feelings that you get into due to those thoughts. Release them in your imagination alongwith the energy and charge around it, Observe them floating in the mirror totally separate and away from you. Start saying the four phrases of the Ho'oponopono method to your own self:-

I AM SORRY -I have no idea what in me has Co-created this.

,PLEASE FORGIVE ME - For Having created this Knowingly or Unknowingly.

THANK YOU - For Taking care of me and Solving this for me.

I LOVE YOU-  Unconditionally for Everything.

You will observe that those floating thoughts turn into a  dark cloud and empty itself as if a rain shower and the Reflection in the  Mirror disappears and what you see  is a Empty space a 'A White Board'. 

By this process, we get into a state of total Clarity and that is when Inspirations flow-in for you to take those Immediate inspired Actions.

Initially you may feel it a bit difficult, but as you start gaining the Faith and Belief in the process, it will bring in Magic and Miracles every moment of your life.

Lastly,remember the Three phrases of Dr.Joe Vitale,a teacher in the movie 'The Secret', which came as an Inspiration to him in his event of "The Advance Ho;oponopono Method"




God Bless You All.